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To help the SFMARC promote and preserve CW on the bands, please use the Donation button below. All Donations are greatly appreciated.

Moneys collected go strictly towards PR booths in public locations, demonstrations at public events, all in the name of introducing ham radio and CW to both youth and the general public.
The SFMARC In-Person Meetings
Each 1st Thursday of the month at 7PM the SFMARC meets in the "Howard Crowley" room of the Carmichael Presbyterian Church in Carmichael, CA. The church is Located at 5645 Marconi Ave. For directions to the meeting Click HERE. Please use the rear parking lot and entry for best access. The Howard Crowley room can be found up-stairs above the center courtyard area of the church grounds. We hope to see all members and prospective members there!

SFMARC On-Air Net Meetings
Please join us for our club's 8:00PM Tuesday Night on-air Net Meetings held at 3.545 MHz
Or you can listen and watch the CW to text translation HERE using our Live Feed!

January starts with NA QSP....
The SFMARC will once again enjoy another National Contest Journal (NCJ) hosted North American QSO Party event/contest this coming January. This event will be held at one of our members QTH. During our December meeting the group will discuss the event and volunteers will be taken for a station location. More information on the event will be given out as we get closer to the date. Please check back here often for updates.

November's Bug Roundup Event!
The W6SFM once again Hosted our twice annual Bug Roundup Event for the second time this year. Held November 19th - 20th In the same spirit as ARRL's Straight Key Night, participants were encouraged to get on the air using their Bug Style keys to make simple, conversational, “Rag Chew” QSOs. Participants exhibited their personalized fists and shared information on their Bug Keys.. Participants were asked to Call "CQ BR" so folks listening knew they were participating in the Bug Roundup event. This event once again grew as the club saw stations checking in from all parts of the world. All areas of the United States were represented along with Australia Japan Spain and other parts of the EU Once again the on-line Spotting/Chat window was in full swing as users checked in and had helpful conversations with eachother. Some shared pictures of their stations and bugs, while others used the chat window to let others know what parts of each band they were operating on.Although logs are optional they are very much appreciated. So, if you worked the event we would love to hear from you, and maybe see a picture or two of your and your keys! feel free to visit our information page by clicking HERE or visit the Bug Roundup event webpage by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

W6SFM demos for the Boy/Girl Scouts.
The SFM ARC in conjunction with N6NA and the Sacramento ARRL Section co-coordinator activated 3 on-air stations at the annual Boy/Girl Scouts of America Flag Retirement ceremony. On September the 24th the W6SFM operated a CW station and PR event booth. At the booth members got on the air using a QRP(ish) Flex 1500 SDR station and Horizontal loop antenna made from speaker wire at 30' using a balun and 25 watts. Also at the booth were learning materials and a hands on demonstration of the use of Morse Code and straight key. After a brief history of the Morse Code and it's past and present uses, members then gave instruction to the interested scouts on the proper method of sending code on a straight key. After the instruction the Scouts were invited to code their names using the Morse Alphabet. They were then given an opportunity to send their names using the provided Straight key and Oscillator. Scouts who completed the demo were given a copy of their names in Morse Code along with many useful links on Ham Radio, Getting licensed and learning the Morse Code. The event lasted from 9AM until about 5PM. Although Morse is no longer a qualifier for a Merit Badge, it is still recognized by the Scouts and can be used to earn a Morse "Bar" for their uniforms. The Morse Badge has since been replaced with a more broad "Radio" badge which tests Scouts on their knowledge of both Amateur and Broadcast radio transmissions and their on-air spectrum area. The SFM ARC intends on making this event a permanent PR booth each year the ceremony is held. If you are interested in joining us for our next one please be sure to contact us, or keep an eye out on this page for upcoming announcements.

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The SFMARC would like to Remind you that if you or anyone you know is newly joining or renewing membership with the ARRL we encourage you to do so through the ARRL link above. The club will receive credit for each person to do so. Please help to support the W6SFM when you can.
Member Hapenings...
The W6SFM has put together a photo gallery for those members who have been up to DIY activities and other on the road trips / radio work. To see what the members have been up to on their own time click HERE to see the photos. Be sure to send yours in too!