60 Meter Band
60 Meter band open for CW Operations!

As announced on our 2-7-2012 on-air Net meeting, the FCC has approved the new power, frequency and mode allocation for the 60 Meter band. This new ruling now allows Amateur operators use of CW mode for the very first time. Begining 5 March 2012, Please use the following table as your new 60 meter band reference guide.


CW Operation

CW operation must take place at the center of your chosen channel. This means that your transmitting frequency must be 1.5 kHz above the suppressed carrier frequency as specified in the Report and Order (see Table 1). Operating at strict channel-center frequencies may come as a disappointment to many, but cooperating with the NTIA is key to expanded privileges in the future.

The channel center frequencies are...

Channel 1: 5332.0 kHz

Channel 2: 5348.0 kHz

Channel 3: 5358.5 kHz

Channel 4: 5373.0 kHz

Channel 5: 5405.0 kHz

Consult your transceiver manual. Some transceivers transmit CW at the exact frequencies shown on their displays, but others offset the actual transmission frequency by a certain amount (for example, 600 Hz). If your manual is not clear on this point, contact the manufacturer. If you

have access to a frequency counter, this is an excellent tool for ensuring that your CW signal is on the channel center frequency.

For further information on the new rules, please click on the following links bellow: