Bob - W8FB
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I've been on the air since 1969, back then my call was WN8ITS. You can usually find me on 40 meter CW Saturday or Sunday mornings.

The main rig is a Flex 6300. The Elecraft K-line will probably go up for sale soon, but don't be surprised to see it still here a year from now.

I live in a subdivision so I can't have much of an antenna farm, but between a Force 12 Sigma 40 half wave center fed vertical and a ZS6BKW / optimized G5RV, I have a great time.

Thanks for stopping by!

73, Bob
Flex 6300 and Elecraft K-Line (some people spend all of their money on boats.)
Force 12 Sigma 40 center fed vertical. Nice antenna in not such a nice location.
I had to lie on the wet grass to get this shot, that's the main reason this pix is here.
I've collected a couple of dozen keys over the years and love 'em all, but these are just too good to be left in a display cabinet, L to R: Begali Magnum, Junkers, Schurr Portable Wabbler, Begali Blade and a Baumuster T-2 training key used during WWII by the Luftwaffe. I don't believe in torturing my fellow Ham friends so I have conveniently run out of space for a Bug in the operating position.
Fists # 1446 (Fists CW Club)

NAQCC #2832 (North American QRP CW Club)

MIQRP #M-1868(Michigan QRP Club)

SKCC #10968 (Straight Key Century Club)

SOC #1045 (Second Class operators Club