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" Lots of fun, enjoyed making my QSOs and listening to others'. Lots of that Heavy Metal Morse Music!
Among others, worked K5KV, N6EIT, JR2IUB, W6SFM (two bands), 9J2BO (a good friend of long standing), and K6KPH -home of professional Bug Men. My bugs included a 1947 Zephyr, a 1943 Standard Radio Company, and a couple average originals circa mid 1940's. I was especially impressed with JR2IUB's homebrew bug.
73 and ZUT

"Excellent event, had a lot of fun. Fine QSOs and gud fists from W3ZT, K7IRA,AE5X,KE5AL,N5RB/4 and others. All ops with gud fists. AE5X sounded great with the 1914 Vibroplex Blue Racer, also N6UOE with a Les Logan Speed X 501.
I had a chance to use all my Vibroplex bugs, among them 1946 Blue Racer, 1951 Lightning "Pinup Special", 1963 Original Std...Only setback was that CONDX were poor and QSB was up/down sometimes loosing RX on parts of the QSOs.
Best 73 to all - Jose KP3W"

"Hello, Dr.OM I'm Take JR2IUB. Today, I made lots of CQ BR on 20, 15, and 10M but didn't get an answer on 15 and 10M.
I got the answer from KL7TF but his signal was so weak that I couldn't copy him well.
I have been using home brew bug since about 3 years before
Thank you very much for giving me an enjoyable time and I do appreciate LOU san VK5EEE who told me about BUG ROUNDUP. by email. And Thank you very much for reading my bad English. I can only speak a smidgen of English.
73, Take JR2IUB "

" Was having a ragchew QSO wih JU3UVB when you started CQing on the frequency 21045 kHz around 0220. You started out weak, but gradually became louder.. Anyway, you were heard in Taiwan and Japan, so there you go.
73 de Hans

"..Had a nice long QSO with KF7E and a real nice QSO with Taka Sakai, JA1KIH on 15 meters and both have excellent "bug" fists, both sound professional, very little swing which makes them extremely easy copy even under poor conditions..bugs used in the roundup were McElroy P500, TAC-510 (Telegraph Apparatus Co/McElroy), Alberto Frattini "Prestige Deluxe" hand made dual lever. I also have a Vibroplex 1941 "Original" and a Vibroplex 1939 "Lightning Bug" that are in almost new condition

Jim Sheldon - W0EB
Park City (Wichita area), KS"

Many thanks for running the "Bug Roundup". This was my first roundup and my second contact was W6SFM (Mike).
I even was able to put a few new SKCC numbers in my log.
I had a wonderful relaxed Saturday working really nice folks. Keep up the good work.
Again, many thanks, and to all SFM operators a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Bud, W3IQ

" What an enjoyable event. I made 17 QSO’s on 10 M, 4 on 15 M, 3 on 20 M and ended with 2 on 40 M. On 40 M I used by boat anchor station, a 51j-4 rcvr and Viking Ranger..Lots of very good fists and wonderful to hear the distinctive sound of bug sending again. I had a blast.

Markus VE7CA "

I thoroughly enjoyed the Bug Roundup weekend. I had numerous wonderful bug to bug rag chews at slower and higher speeds. Several of my QSOs went over an hour each and were very enjoyable rag chews
Steve Flyte

Had a great time in my first Bug Roundup. Made 6 BR contacts: I'm still very much a bug novice with only a dozen or so bug QSOs under my belt, but I'm finding my fist is not so bad. I used a recently acquired 1920 Vibroplex Original with a ton of history that I'm still compiling. I call it 'The River of Doubt' bug for the 1926 Dyott-Roosevelt Expedition down the Rio-Roosevelt in the Amazon jungle. I look forward to future Bug Roundups, and making more bug QSOs between now and then. 73
Paul, N6EV
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