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"Cap". Licensed 1962 as K1WXN, Conn., have held W0OUM, W0XC, KH6CA, now W0CCA, my initials.

CW, only. Mom drove me down to lower Manhattan from Ct. to take that general test and when I passed with my boots shaking from fear of that examiner, the bald guy many of us knew, she took me to radio row in lower Manhattan and we bought a D104 microphone, never used it.

Always a few projects waiting. Tube and transistor stuff I think I understand. Modifying old Ten Tecs and Heathkits is way cheaper than refurbishing antique cars,yes? I choose this approach over scratch built homebrew, you wouldnt try to build a 57 Chevy from scratch would you?

Mostly use a Corsair II, with N4YG DDS VFO , sidetone, qsk , agc and amp driver mods. etc. The SB 220 has the Harbach stuff plus full QSK using the AD5X style of very small fast (2-3 ms) relays, no vacuum relays. These have worked flawlessly for 6 years now, no replacement, sometimes 800 watts. Primary antenna is a homemade 43' vertical with 60 radials and tuned with various L networks for 80-20, stout 24 volt relay driven, at the base.

Current station below, it changes a lot. Upper right hugely modified Corsair I, Lower middle a repackaged and much improved Sierra driving the homebrew 100 watt amp to the left with 1 watt. I dont like to own rigs that I cant stick my soldering iron in.
You can guess about the radios below, but shown are the W5UXH keyer a couple WBL paddles a McElroy Delux a Speed X and an Original
Newer acquisition, a UR5CDX Eridan, a I1QOD J36 (wow!), a UR5CDX CT599 and the Mac Delux. A lineup of world class craftsmanship indeed. Fine fine machinists.
This next picture is of the 4 telegraphy setups I completed for the Durango Discovery Museum and the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad museum. With necessary concessions to modernity and usefulness. A main line relay, sounder, bug, J38, power supply, and with the help of W5UXH, Chuck, to modify his keyboard setup. You can play clackety clack or beepety beep, depending, and the keyboard tells the exhibit users what a letter is supposed to sound like and displays it on the LCD screen. Clackety clack clack.
This picture of interest is my mobile setup, IC706 detached head to accommodate cars with no room up front. Radio is in rear of Volvo V70 wagon.The March/K4QU paddles fit FIRMLY in the rubber ring of the forward cup holder. I put the radio's audio into the car auxiliary for car filling stereo CW (only when by myself). Texting while driving? Never heard LOL on CW.
Picture below is of the QTH, about 45 miles from the Four Corners. We look at the Mesa Verde to the South, the La Plata Mountains to the West, Ute Mountain to the SW and otherwise big spaces. The QTH is an orchard. We, with questionable intelligence, purchased an 1800 tree fruit orchard 10 years ago. But then what else would you do with your time? And we often have apples to the ground. Top of a ridge, no rules (not even any building codes!), yet no tower. Heresy of heresies, I agree with the wife, they are ugly. :) I still want one though.
Having KT5X, Fred to blame, actually credit, for this, my SOTA setup of about a year now. Have a great time with it. After 45 years in Colorado it is getting me up peaks in Co, Ut, NM, and AZ, and even in EU, I never would have considered otherwise. A great way to combine the outdoors with a little radio. The ATS-4B is something of a wonder radio. 35 ma on receive !! And I never knew about LiPo batteries before, wow!