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This year we had a fantastic Field Day at the CPC Field in Carmichael, CA. The weather was a warm 90+ degrees and clear, but a comfortable 80 under the big oak tree. At the event we had an ARRL information table set up along with our club banner. There were also plenty of sweets to greet people as they approached. It was great to see all of the members who were able to make it out, and our guests that showed up to greet us! All in all we had 11 members and 10 guests join us.
A special thanks to Kevin W6KN for doing most of our BBQ cooking this year, and Peter KK6GMK for making sure that everyone was fed both at our potluck dinner and snack times. Thanks to all the hard workers who helped set up our antennas which consisted of our club's 80 meter inverted Vee facing North/South about 25 feet up in our only Oak tree. We also had use of Mark K6JJR's ground mounted R-7000 vertical set up about 60 feet away from the other antenna. This years rigs were supplied by Michael N6MQL with his Elecraft KX3, KXPA100 100 Watt Amp combo, and Peter KK6GMK and his Kenwood TS440s which held it's own out there. The club used our 5 newly constructed Bandpass filters to make sure that there was absolutely no interference between the two stations. Just as planed not a dit or dah was heard between the two units! For the cost of about $25 per filter it was a great investment to have the club construct them! Power was provided by John WB6UBK and 2 of his 4 170Ah sealed lead acid batteries. This year the club provided more than enough overnight lighting with a 45 LED work light that consumed only 3w AC (using an inverter) and Kevin W6KN's very bright battery operated LED work light. This year we had a very good turn out for the overnight operations. Tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses were set up in the open field by most to prepare for operating shifts.

This year W6SFM was able to make 521 contacts in total, all CW. Here's a few stats for those that are interested:

Contacts break down as follows;
B.S - 1 contacts
R.B - 21 contacts
J.G - 21 contacts
K.H - 30 contacts
M.M - 125 contacts
M.A - 155 contacts
C.W - 168 contacts

In our best hour we were able to log 78 Contacts

W6SFM worked 53 of 56 available states & provinces.

The bands weren't at their best again this year, but we were able to work everything from 10 meters down to 80 meters, 40 being our best band. This year we were able to work 8 contacts on 10 meters as opposed to other years. We didn't open up the 6 meter band to work. Maybe next year we'll set up the 2 element 6 meter beam and see what we get.

This year we didn't get our normal visit from Ron Murdock W6KJ the Sacramento Valley Section Manager for the ARRL, however we have been told we'll be seeing him at one of our upcoming in-person meetings real soon. We're looking forward to that visit Ron! The SFM ARC did however receive a welcomed visit from 2 of our neighbors across the field at the Carmichael Fire Department, Station 109. As matter of fact, it was one of the Firemen that helped give us a light for our Potluck dinner BBQ.

Lots of ARRL fliers were available at the information Booth this year for the interested public. W6SFM had over 8 different types of ARRL provided fliers to meet the needs of each visitors interests (Everything from DIY to Public Service). Included in those fliers were information for the Boy Scouts of America. It is always the SFM ARC's goal to include youth in our group and in the instruction of Morse Code.
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Samuel F. Morse Amateur Radio Club
Sacramento, CA
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