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This year we had a fantastic Field Day at the Gibson Ranch Park, Sacramento. The weather was a nice 75 degrees and clear. We enjoyed section 1A where we were able to take in the wonderful lake view. 2 club banners were proudly displayed, one pointing out over the lake for the entire park to view, and the other at the entrance of our field day event area. It was great to see all of the members who were able to make it out, and our guests that showed up to greet us!
A special thanks to John K9JPJ for doing all of our BBQ cooking this year, and making sure that everyone was fed both at our potluck dinner and morning breakfast. Thanks to all the hard workers who helped set up our antennas which consisted of our club's 80 meter doublet facing North/South about 30 feet up between 2 trees , Bob WA6NEA's version 2 G5RV between another 2 trees facing East/West and Mark K6JJR's ground mounted R-7000 vertical set up about 60 feet away from the other 2 antennas. This years rigs were supplied by Michael N6MQL with his Elecraft K3, and Bob WA6NEA and his Ten Tec Jupiter which held it's own out there.

Also, the SFMARC would like to thank Scott K6BLA for coming out as a guest operator and logging 4 hours of work with us. Your help was much appreciated. This year W6SFM was able to make 648 contacts in total, all CW. Here's a few stats for those that are interested:

Contacts break down as follows;
B.S - 4 contacts
J.G - 35 contacts
M.M - 138 contacts
M.A - 188 contacts
C.H - 283 contacts. Way to go Chris!

In our best hour we were able to log 87.4 Contacts

W6SFM worked all states with the exception of Maine! (we'll get em next year)
The only places other than Maine we weren't able to get were:
Puerto Rico
Virgin Islands
and Saskatoon and Newfoundland in Canada.

The bands weren't at their best this year, but we were able to work everything from 15 meters down to 80 meters, 40 being our best band. This year we were unable to work any contact on 10 meters, and didn't open up the 6 meter band to work. Maybe next year we'll set up the 2 element 6 meter beam and see what we get.

As vice president I had the honor of greeting many of the days guests. We were honored by the visits of 4 very special people including Bob Bastian, Recreation and Park Commissioner for the County of Sacramento. W6SFM also welcomed former Congressman Doug Ose, Ben Green Assistant Chief State ACS Coordinator for the telecommunication bureau (California Emergency Management Agency), and Ron Murdock W6KJ the Sacramento Valley Section Manager for the ARRL.

Lots of ARRL fliers were handed out this year to the interested public. W6SFM provided over 8 different types of ARRL provided fliers to meet the needs of each visitors interests (Everything from DIY to Public Service). Included in those fliers was information for the Boy Scouts of America, which happened to come in very handy since Sunday we were visited by a troop of 9 Boy Scouts, a Scout Master, and 2 other leaders.
Michael N6MQL was proud to sit down with the Scout troop and give them a short lesson on CW and how to send it. Also he explained Amateur Radio, what we do, and how to get on the air. After that short lesson each of the Scouts were sat in front of the Radio with a Straight key and given a chance to get On the Air! There was very good interest from at least 2 of the 9 kids in becoming an active Ham. One had even already studied his Morse Code for his Morse Code Merit badge (still offered under the flags, signals and code portion of the Scout badges). Michael N6MQL was invited to speak at a Scout convention and explain Ham Radio and Morse code to the other scouts. Surely Duane WA0MJD and he will enjoy that adventure together.
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Samuel F. Morse Amateur Radio Club
Sacramento, CA
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