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KH6RS, Maui Amateur Radio Club, established in 1936 is the oldest ham club in Hawaii. They operated one station of their 3A Pacific effort out of this WWII military point-to-point transmitter cinder block house 9 miles east of Paia, Maui, Hawaii. The wooden pole holding a 15M monobander (pictured above) is the last rhombic antenna structure remaining and supported the open wire feedline back in the day.

Above, *KH6RS member shot aerial photograph clearly shows an unusually clear 10,000' tall Mt. Haleakala in the background. In the foreground is the spectacular KH6RS coastal field day site on the twisty road to Hana, Maui - nothing but salt water between this and the U.S. mainland. If you look on the left of the above image, you can see the 2 element 20 M vertical dipoles, the 3 element 15M vertical yagi and the 40M vertical Moxon antennas. The club erected 7 antennas in all.

While on a family vacation in Maui, Hawaii, W6SFM member Mike, K6LQ operates as a guest of Field Day 2015 station KH6RS - 3A Pacific.

Amazingly enough, Mike's third FD contact on 15 Meter CW was with none other than the W6SFM. Mike made contact with club member Bob, KJ6CA operating on his 1960s Vibroplex Lightning Deluxe bug. Mike reports W6SFM as a solid 589 on the island! Pictured above, Mike, K6LQ overlooking the Pacific Ocean while at the controls of the KH6RS 20 Meter Elecraft K3 station, running the club's two element vertical yagi.
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I would like to offer a big Mahalo to Alan and the guys at the KH6RS ARC for their generosity and letting me sit in on their Field Day as a guest operator!
*Photos courtesy of Alan AD6E
A view of the 20 meter VDA looking towards north America.
A view of the 40 meter Moxon antenna. The two masts are non-metalic and hold up the wire loop. The feed point can be seen near the middle of the near mast. Both masts are extended to 45 feet. The bottom of the Moxon wires are only 2 feet off the ground.