Bob - WA6NEA visits the Mt. Palomar ARC
Bob WA6NEA had the distinct pleasure of meeting his 40 meter CW friend Joe "Zeke" Falleta W6UDO in person at the Mt. Palomar ARC luncheon. Bob said they became fast friends during their QSO. After explaining to Joe that Bob would be in the San Diego area with his family for a vacation, Bob asked for a recommendation on a great BBQ joint. Joe recommended "Phil's BBQ". As matter of fact, it's so good that the entire Mt. Palomar ARC has lunch there frequently.
It just so happened that the Friday Bob and his family were in the area, the Mt.Palomar ARC was having one of those lunches. Joe invited Bob and his family to join their club. With long lines at the front, Bob asked for Rhonda, as she was very familiar with Joe and the club. Rhonda moved them to the front of the line and guided them to the club's table. Bob reports in with a great time and great food. We're told that Bob and Joe spent their time together comparing clubs and talking about the brotherhood of CW.
Among other suggestions for good local places to eat, Joe also pointed Bob and his family in the direction of the "Midway" Aircraft carrier Museum tour where they also had a good time as well.
Thanks to CW and great club camaraderie, Bob and his family enjoyed their time in San Diego. The W6SFM would like to thank the Mt. Palomar ARC and Joe W6UDO for taking care of one of our own!

Joe W6UDO seen front left, with Bob WA6NEA and his Daughter on the front right.