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SFM ARC On-Air Net Meetings

Please join us for our club’s 8:00 PM Tuesday Night on-air Net Meetings held at 3.545 MHz
Or you can listen and watch the CW to text translation HERE using our Live Feed!


New Slow Code net hits the airwaves!

Former W6SFM CW Beginners course student has put his skills to work creating an all new Sacramento area Slow Code CW Net. The group will be working speeds as slow as 5 WPM for all those interested in getting in some practice and on-air experience!

The net will be held on an easy to get to 28.055 MHz every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10 AM Pacific time.  Be sure to join them and work some slow code!

N6MQL Presents the RigExpert Antenna Analyzer
This month Mike, N6MQL presented the new features of the RigExpert Antenna analyzers to members of both N6NA (River City ARC) and our own group at W6SFM. Below is the entire presentation.

Next Month’s In-Person Meeting        

Our next SFM ARC in-person meeting will be held at its normal time and location Oct. 4th (followed by our Nov. 1st meeting). The SFM ARC in-person meeting will be held in the Howard Crowley room upstairs at the Carmichael Presbyterian Church. Directions, including a Google Map, are available at the bottom of the W6SFM.com homepage.

At our October meeting, we will be discussing ARRL news and events. We will also have a presentation on the RTL-SDR all mode & band Receiver. Finalization plans will be made for the annual CA QSO Party which will happen the first weekend of October, just 2 days after our meeting. As always, we will have our Tech (show and tell) portion. Members and visitors are welcomed to share their Ham Radio related items they find of interest.

Solar Report by Tamitha Skov (A real report everyone can understand)


Urgent Request for ALL licensed and non licensed visiting this site

Many of you have seen that the Amateur Radio Parity Act has been
introduced in the U.S. Senate as S.1534, and has been referred to
committee for review.  This is wonderful news following the unanimous
passage of H.R.555 in the House of Representatives this past January. 
Vice Director Jim Tiemstra, K6JAT recently returned from the July
ARRL board meeting at headquarters in Connecticut.  There he learned
that an estimated 90% of all new housing in the U.S. contains covenants,
with the majority of those having boilerplate antenna restrictions. 
This means that as housing expands, Amateur Radio will face increasing
It is important to realize that H.R.555/S.1534 is a bill resulting from
negotiations between ARRL and the Community Associations Institute
(CAI), both of whom have approved the wording of the bill.   Some have
questioned whether this bill goes far enough to favor Amateur Radio.  It
does!  At this time, deed-restricted neighborhoods have the authority to
absolutely deny outside antenna installations, with no recourse.  This
bill will guarantee the right of an amateur radio operator to have an
effective outdoor antenna.  It is time for ALL of us to come together,
and get this important bill passed!
We are now the closest we have ever been to obtaining antenna relief in
deed-restricted neighborhoods.  If passed and enacted, the Amateur Radio
Parity Act will be the most important piece of Amateur Radio legislation
since the FCCs 1985 PRB-1 regulation.  That’s over 30 years, or an
entire generation, of no added antenna relief.  To make S.1534 pass,
however, we need your help again.  Below is a hyperlink to an app called
RALLY CONGRESS.  By clicking on the link (or copying and pasting in your
browser) and completing some contact information, within two minutes you
will generate a letter that will let both of your respective U.S.
senators know that you want them to vote for this bill. Time is critical
as we expect the bill to be heard before committee soon, and if passed
in committee, it could go to the floor of the senate for a vote within a
matter of weeks.  Please take a moment NOW to click on the hyperlink and
share with your senators your support for S.1534, the Amateur Radio
Parity Act.  Thank you.
I just completed and sent my letter inside of 60 seconds.  Please take a
minute and do so also!


Michael, N6MQL
President W6SFM