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SFM ARC On-Air Net Meetings
Please join us for our club’s 8:00 PM Tuesday Night on-air Net Meetings held at 3.545 MHz
Or you can listen and watch the CW to text translation HERE using our Live Feed!

Next Month’s In-Person Meeting        

Our next SFM ARC in-person meeting will be held at its normal time and location Feb. 1st (followed by our March 8th meeting). The SFM ARC in-person meeting will be held in the Howard Crowley room upstairs at the Carmichael Presbyterian Church.
Directions, including a Google Map is available at the bottom of the W6SFM.com homepage.
At our February meeting, we will be discussing ARRL news and events. We will also have a presentation on the VEC / VE Program as presented by Tom, W6JS. As always, we will have our Member show and tell portion. Members and visitors are asked to share their Ham Radio related items they find of interest. Please be sure to attend our In-Person meetings with items that you’ve purchased or were given to you that you would like to share with others in the group. Visitors are always welcome to join us at our meetings.

SFM ARC Club Dues Now Being Collected

The Samuel F Morse Amateur Radio Club of Sacramento is now accepting in-person Checks, Cash, On-line PayPal, Credit Card and Debit card payments for member’s 2018 club dues. All members are encouraged to make payment of their $20 annual dues by the 15th of January to remain an active member of the W6SFM. Dues are collected from December, until Jan 15th of the new year. Dues go to help the club continue our efforts with public relations events such as “Kids Day in the Park” where we introduce Ham Radio and Morse Code to kids and the general public. Club dues also help to pay for our annual Field day event and other events like the NAQP and CAQP where members come together to enjoy club comradery. Your support of this club also helps to keep the bands alive with CW as we sponsor the biannual Bug Roundup Event on-air. Without your continued support this club cannot exist.  Please consider renewing now.

One-Day Ham Radio Class

Once again the Benicia Amateur Radio Club and its volunteers will be conducting another One-Day Ham Radio Class. This class is intended for those wishing to get a Tech Ham license, or existing Techs wishing to upgrade to General.

Conducted multiple times throughout the year, this class has been very well received by the greater Northern California community. We have helped Hams from Shasta to Santa Cruz, the San Joaquin Valley, and from the Peninsula to the Sierra Foothills.

Many of us know people that we’d love to see get into our exciting hobby but have faced opposition because they didn’t have time to study. As we know, many people typically require one to two months to prepare to pass their test.

We have the answer. Earn a license or upgrade in One Day!

Historically over 90% of attendees pass the on-site FCC licensing exam. Our exams are administered by federally accredited Volunteer Examiners (VE’s) immediately at the conclusion of the class. Our proven class pass rate easily exceeds home study results.

When: February 3rd, 2018, 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM 
Where: Benicia Senior Center,201 East 2nd Street, Benicia, CA 94510 

Cost: $30. Includes all study material, venue, day-long refreshments, handouts, freebies and the federally required exam fee. All instructors, facilitators and VE’s are volunteers. 

Access: Our facility has full handicap access. 

Info/Signup: Online at www.BeniciaARC.com. Class size is limited, register promptly.

Questions: hamradioclass@beniciaarc.com or Asst Ham Class Registrar, Art Mayoff, (925) 212-9953

Urgent Request for ALL licensed and non licensed visiting this site

Many of you have seen that the Amateur Radio Parity Act has been
introduced in the U.S. Senate as S.1534, and has been referred to
committee for review.  This is wonderful news following the unanimous
passage of H.R.555 in the House of Representatives this past January. 
Vice Director Jim Tiemstra, K6JAT recently returned from the July
ARRL board meeting at headquarters in Connecticut.  There he learned
that an estimated 90% of all new housing in the U.S. contains covenants,
with the majority of those having boilerplate antenna restrictions. 
This means that as housing expands, Amateur Radio will face increasing
It is important to realize that H.R.555/S.1534 is a bill resulting from
negotiations between ARRL and the Community Associations Institute
(CAI), both of whom have approved the wording of the bill.   Some have
questioned whether this bill goes far enough to favor Amateur Radio.  It
does!  At this time, deed-restricted neighborhoods have the authority to
absolutely deny outside antenna installations, with no recourse.  This
bill will guarantee the right of an amateur radio operator to have an
effective outdoor antenna.  It is time for ALL of us to come together,
and get this important bill passed!
We are now the closest we have ever been to obtaining antenna relief in
deed-restricted neighborhoods.  If passed and enacted, the Amateur Radio
Parity Act will be the most important piece of Amateur Radio legislation
since the FCCs 1985 PRB-1 regulation.  That’s over 30 years, or an
entire generation, of no added antenna relief.  To make S.1534 pass,
however, we need your help again.  Below is a hyperlink to an app called
RALLY CONGRESS.  By clicking on the link (or copying and pasting in your
browser) and completing some contact information, within two minutes you
will generate a letter that will let both of your respective U.S.
senators know that you want them to vote for this bill. Time is critical
as we expect the bill to be heard before committee soon, and if passed
in committee, it could go to the floor of the senate for a vote within a
matter of weeks.  Please take a moment NOW to click on the hyperlink and
share with your senators your support for S.1534, the Amateur Radio
Parity Act.  Thank you.
I just completed and sent my letter inside of 60 seconds.  Please take a
minute and do so also!


Michael, N6MQL
President W6SFM

Solar Report by Tamitha Skov (A real report everyone can understand)