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  1. Hello, I’m Take . JR2IUB. I was in BUG ROUND UP for 3 days and made some CQ BR on 15M in our
    morning times. I worked Chuck san (N6UOE)on 18. NOV. 00:03 and 18.NOV.22:17/z. He had a nice
    signal hear in spite of poor conditions on 15M. And I got the call from N9XG/QRP in TX. He had a nice
    signal hear as 5watts QRP as well.
    Thank you so much for giving me an enjoyable time. I’m using TS480HX and 3el. Yagi which is 45
    feet off the ground on the top of the roof. I am using home brew bug as usual but this time I used
    second prototype. https://youtu.be/FAqcakQvz4o
    Thank you very much for reading my bad English.
    Take JR2IUB

  2. This is the third year I have worked the BR, and always look fwd to it. This year I QSOed 8 different stations during the BR, finally ending with W6SFM/5. I used four different bugs: K4VIZ, 1941 Vibroplex Original Dlx, 1928 Vibroplex Lightning Bug and a 1936 McElroy. I contacted these stations: AC5P, K6ZB, K5KV, AA5KV, WA5KMA, WB5ZOR, AC5JH and W6SFM/5. There was not a bad operator among the lot of them and I enjoyed this bug event. However, I do not wait until this event to use may bugs; I am “bugging” the ham bands every day, mostly on 40- and 80-M. Thanks for the event. K5OGX.

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