AL7JK John

Greetings to all from Eagle River, Alaska Please QSL Via eQSL, Buro or direct if you like.
Currently getting LOTW setup and running 
Enjoy chasing DX and casual Qso’s via cw on any frequency.

Currently going through a Vibroplex bug phase and my straight keys are quickly becoming dust collectors. This obsession has been going on for well over a year now, collecting, using them for contesting, ragchewing and dx. Often find it necessary to view photographs of bug keys on my phone while at work just to make it through the workday.

The following Amateur Radio organizations offer free lifetime memberships:

Member # 170 of the Straight Key Century Club
SKCCMember # 222 of the Flying Pigs Qrp Club

If you heard me near the Qrp calling frequencies, most likely I was using a home-brew transmitter of my own design. These transmitters are subject to a never ending construction process and development.I refer to these transmitters as “pig rigs”

North American Qrp Club NAQCC. An outstanding group of hams whom participate in a number of fun operating events. Don’t over look this radio club. Member # 6362


Second Class Operators Club, For us ham’s that don’t exactly measure up to the “first class” folks.

SOC Club

We have a online support group & forum. During a long cw Qso on 20 mtrs, it was suggested I should join the SOC, often ramble on at the key about many random topics of conversation, which may or may not make sense to anyone but me.

Fly Fishing fresh and saltwater is my other hobby (obsession) . Whether here in Alaska, or the tropics …

Taveuni Island in the Fiji island group, excellent fly fishing for wahoo, tuna, mahi mahi (seen above)
Pictured above I’m Trolling and casting flies to hungry critters in Fiji’s waters Christmas Island, Kiribati Trevally I caught & released using 12wt fly rod Plenty of bonefish both in the lagoon at Christmas Island and along the outside beaches
73 & Good DX to all … John
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