Bogus Story Contest

Each Year in honor of April Fools day the W6SFM presents its annual Bogus Story Contest. This contest is geared around finding the most entertaining “bogus story”.
The story should be some stretch of the truth about the member telling it, or just something completely made up. The only important thing is, it should be Ham Radio related, and Entertaining to all. At each April In-Person meeting the club members are asked to present their stories to the group. After all the stories have been heard, the members vote on the the person with the most entertaining story. That person receives a trophy to take home for the year.


~Behold the Bogus Story Award Trophy~

The base of this magnificent trophy was milled from a single billet of Corinthian steel; painstakingly cut to the dimensions and tolerances required to precisely emulate the appearance of a canned ham. The baked enamel paint scheme is an exacting reproduction of a randomly chosen brand-name product. The appurtenances adorning this opulent presentation are fashioned from the finest extruded polymers and semi-precious metals. Atop this ostentatious accolade is the Club Call Sign; colored in argent over ochre and crafted to appear as a genuine Dymo label.


If you would like to display this salient sculpture of fraudulence upon your mantle, you must submit a Ham Radio related tall tale at the W6SFM Club Meeting nearest to April fools day. Winners get to keep the trophy for one year. During that year, you can make a small Ham/CW related addition to the trophy, if desired.

[preferably hand-made or a trinket of some sort; keep it small, simple and fun].

Read the stories of our past winners HERE