Bogus Story Contest


~Behold the Bogus Story Award Trophy~

Each Year in honor of April Fools day the W6SFM presents its annual Bogus Story Contest. This contest is geared around finding the most entertaining “bogus story”.
The story should be some stretch of the truth about the member telling it, or just something completely made up. The only important thing is, it should be Ham Radio related, and Entertaining to all. At each April In-Person meeting the club members are asked to present their stories to the group. After all the stories have been heard, the members vote on the the person with the most entertaining story. That person receives a trophy to take home for the year.

The W6SFM Bogus Story Award Trophy is a fully self-contained QRPp“Ham” Radio Transmitter ready to check into the W6SFM  Tuesday night nets on 3.545 MHz.





Its internal power source assures that the Trophy is prepper- ready for “off the grid” EmComm deployment in case of “SHTF” contingencies.
With its ergonometric front panel, the Trophy offers the discriminating radio amateur the choice to send urgent messages either with its stylish built-in miniature “straight key” red push button or else plug your favorite external key or bug into the 1/8” phone jack.


A bona fide FCC Amateur Radio Operator License with code test is required to operate this transmitter on the air. The W6SFM Club License is prominently displayed on the side to appear compliant with FCC Part 97 regulations.

The Bogus Trophy antenna farm is ready
for multi-band operation with its J-pole
antenna, and a tower that is compliant with
the Amateur Radio Parody Act, with a
three element Yagi-Uda and a sloper
antenna. The Energy Star® rated LED RF
Warning Light atop the tower serves
double duty as an FAA approved Aviation
Hazard Beacon!

Only the highest quality “Made in the USA” workmanship goes into the Bogus Trophy as evidenced in this close-up view of the professionally tack soldered user serviceable discrete components. No cheap Chinese surface mount parts here!


With its “KISS” design philosophy, the state of the art Hartley oscillator is engineered for an unmistakable on the air signal quality!

The harmonic rich RF output waveform permits simultaneous transmission on (or near) the 40, 30, 20 and 17 meter bands and above!

This FFT display shows 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th harmonics that are less than -20 dB down. The super-fast rise & fall times of the keying envelope assure maximum signal bandwidth that everyone will hear!



Operating mode: A1A
Operating frequency: 3.545 MHz +/- 100 kHz, plus many harmonics
Power supply: Internal .009 kV carbon-zinc power plant
Current draw: 0 mA with key up, 5-10 mA with key down
Certified not to contribute to global warming

Disclaimer: The Samuel F. Morse ARC will not be held responsible for
any operator of the Trophy earning the “LID” qualification or gaining
other disapproval from radio amateurs who are obviously envious of
our winners distinction.

Read the stories of our past winners HERE