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History of Morse Code
(plus other helpful links on how it’s used and what to do to learn it)

Morse Code History
Morse Code and the Telegraph
Morse Code
The History of Morse Code

CW training software

Code Quick – Master Code In 30 Days, Code quick the fastest way to master code.

Super Morse – “Super Morse is the original comprehensive Morse Code training program for the PC. Super Morse permits the user to learn the Morse characters in a very orderly way using several different methods, including one unique to Super Morse; build speed with special exercises; by WD5CID”

Seiuchy – Hands down the best on-line Morse Code practice for receiving of various types of sending methods. Including paddles, bugs, stright keys with good and bad fists.

On-line/in-person CW Classes

The SFM ARC offers a 10 week (once per week) in-person  CW Beginners Course in the art of Morse Code. Our course strives to teach what other courses can not, the art of both receiving AND proper sending of Morse Code. Every student is provided with FREE Equipment to use at home and in class. Contact us for more information on this twice annual course.

CW Academy – Because not everyone is local to Sacramento or able to attend the W6SFM Beginners CW Morse Code classes we hold twice yearly, we have opted to provide another on-line method where you can turn to. CW Academy provides students with FREE on-line classes and live advisers to practice code with face to face via a web chat program.

Long Island CW Club – The Long Island CW Club teaches CW and live QSO practice via internet video conference classes.

License training classes

Ham Test Online – •Online courses for the ham radio license exams. (not free but VERY effective)

Morse Academy – Online documentation and overview about Morse Academy, shareware cw learning software

Radio Signals – 20 presentations covering all the topics related to getting your initial ham radio license and all are posted on YouTube. This content is free and open to all to use as an educational tool.

ARRL – American Radio Relay League

ARRL – Founded in 1914, the American Radio Relay League is the national association for amateur radio in the USA. Today, with more than 158,000 members, ARRL is the largest organization of radio amateurs in the United States.

Ham Radio Band Plan

IARU Region 2 Band Plan (effective Oct. 14,2017)
Band Plan

ICOM Graphical Band Plan for all Amateur frequencies (effective March 29,2017)
Printable PDF Download

Software Downloads
Spectrograph 16 – Digital Spectrum analyzer

Other local clubs

KPH/K6KPH – The Maritime Radio Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation and
documentation of the history of maritime radio communications with special emphasis on the stations and companies of the Pacific coast of the United States. The call sign of the amateur station of the Society, K6KPH, is intended as a tribute the greatest of those stations, the “wireless giant of the Pacific”, KPH.


Comic Books / Coloring Books – (as seen at W6SFM Booth) A collection of 7 Amateur Radio based Comic Books designed to provide you with some basic information about ham radio, giving a glimpse into its history, its applications, and its relevance in the world today. Courtesy of Icom America.

Archie Comic Book – A single Archie series Comic Book provided by  the ARRL. This can be printed out for general use by all.

Radio and Antenna information

Random Wire Antenna lengths made easy
End Fed antenna design and construction
Over 350 Different Wire Antenna Designs!
RigExpert Antenna Analyzers & Reflectometers

Spotting Programs

Reverse Becon – A great way to see if anyone is hearing you when you call CQ.
DX Summit – One of the best DX spotting sites available on the web.

Solar Reports and information

Space Weather Live – Find live up to date solar activity including sun spot count and solar flux numbers