K6JJR Mark

Pictured above:

  1. Mark activating W6SFM in the California QSO Party
  2. 1943 Vibroplex Blue Racer I found at an antique shop. Restored by Mike, N6MQL
  3. Young Mark, WA1JCX, pounding brass in 1968
  4. The K6JJR home-brew 6146 station, output 25 watts. (I’ve worked 30 states including Maine and Hawaii!)
  5. Vintage Skillman key, 1968, restored by Mark, K6JJR Misc.
  6. War time photos in celebration of the SFM ARC’s Bug Roundup Event

First licensed in 1967 as WA1JCX in Hartford CT., I have lived in Northern Calif. since 1977. Amateur interests include CW, VHF weak signal work,restoring vintage radios and home-brewing. I am a member of FISTS CW Club, CWOPS and member of the SFM ARC. Served as president to the W6SFM 2012-2013.

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