K6NZH George

Hello, this is George, K6NZH

  K6NZH came on the air first as WA6NOC  1960.

In honor of my father, I have taken part of his call sign as a vanity call. I am the son of W6NZH, Dick Nunes (SK) who was a local SF Bay Area Ham, Electronics Engineer, WW2 Navy Radioman 1st Class, who served ashore during the battle for Okinawa, and Electronics Repair Expert Extrordinaire. He also was an avid designer/builder of early SSB gear and homebrew mobile radios in the late 50’s into the 70’s. He held Amateur Extra Class and first Class Radiotelephone. I learned basic radio, cw and operating from him at an early age and passed the General Test when I was 14, just before High School getting my first call sign, WA6NOC.

80/40 CW and 75 meter SSB were my favorites with simple gear and antennas until 1975 when I bought a Kenwood TS520. That got me interested in 15 meters then 10 meters. I set up a 48′ tower with a 4 El 10 meter beam and boy was that fun!

The ups and downs of working, raising kids and a few challenges along the way put Ham Radio in the back seat for the most part from 1985 until 2020. However, there was a 10 meter ssb rig in my truck from time to time.

Fast forward, I decided to get back in the game, set up the ICOM into a Chameleon Ecomm 2 and back on the air regularly in 2021. Have made a friend or too on the air and a local ham, Len, WA6PKB shares some time and local history with me. Len introduce me to a great small group of hams who practice CW together on 80m once a week. That’s been a FB experience to say the least. QTH has been a small lot in Alameda since 1993 and will stay here as long as my wife and I can afford it. Planning on some additional ant’s to improve my signal.

Update August 2021:  Added-  Doublet/window line fed, w/tuner in shack @ 38 ft. (92 ft end to end) (80-10m)

                                              Added-  31 ft vertical wire on FG mast, (40-10 m)

For now it’s the simple ham life, 100 watts and a couple of wires more or less. A little Xiegu g90 for backyard or camping ham radio, rounds out the gear except for a new Yaesu FT65 I am trying to program…..a work in progress.

That’s about it in a nutshell, love the hobby and the mystery of radio signals traveling from here or there to…………

Thanks to all of you ops who have put up with my return to cw!

Update:  September 26, 2021

Added a classic Vibroplex Original bug and doing more CW than SSB. Participating in SKCC whenever I can.

Added an Icom 718 w500 hz filter as back up rig to IC7300, projecte online Oct 1 2021.

Have had some nice ragchew CW contacts on 40/80. CW skills coming back! Vibroplex damped down to 20 wpm my all out max!

Expanded contacts to 17 and  10 Meters. (See youtube video: K6NZH/KM6YSS of 10meter QSO CA to Idaho)

Added/Updated pics of lastest house station morph.

Best 73′

George, K6NZH

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