KR4TH Jerry


I moved recently to Fair Oaks, Callifornia. We live in an HOA that restricts the use of any outside antenna.  We have two state parks within three miles and a county park about a half mile away.  My operating consists primarily of portable operation in the parks.  I enjoy ragchewing on 40, 30 and 20 cw, CWops contest on Wednesdays when possible.  My wife and I walk the park then set up the rig at a picnic table.  I operating and and she enjoys sitting in sun.

Equipment:  Yaesu FT 818 running 5 watts or Ten Tec Eagle running 20 watts, Brown Brothers paddle.  Bioenno 6ah power supply.

Antenna:  Link dipole for 20-30-40 or 20 meter vertical with one or two radials.  Mast is a black widow fishing pole.  (It was 20 feet until I snapped off the top three feet)

Operatering from the back seat during uncomfortable weather.



Please QSL direct.

CWops #2128

SKCC #9695

Look forward to meeting you on the air.

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