Membership Payment

Thank you for your Membership payment and Welcome to the W6SFM SFM ARC! It’s great to have you as a new member. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy all the events, meetings and PR work that the club does over the years. One of those big events is our “Bug Roundup” event held every 6 months (Third weekend of May and November). You can find out more about this event, and register for it by clicking on the “Bug Roundup Event” link under the “Club Activities” tab at the top of our website. Another big event is ARRL’s Field Day held each year here in Carmichael,CA. If you’re able to, we would love to have you work the event with with us all night, or maybe just visit for the day. Other fun events include Days in the park where members enjoy working QRP and testing antennas out. Also, you can join us for the Public Relations booths we set up to introduce Kids and the general public to Ham Radio and Morse Code. This is another reason you can take pride in your new radio club home.

Your New ‘member page’ is ready to be added to the W6SFM web site under the Members tab if you are interested. With this page you can design it any way you like. Any content including pictures and bios that you would like displayed must be uploaded by the webmaster, using the contact us link. Feel free to check out some of the other member’s pages on our website under the “About W6SFM” – “Members” section. You may also opt to manage your own content yourself if you like. If you prefer we can redirect your Member’s page to your QRZ web address. Simply let us know if you would like to do that.

I would like to recommend to you that you change your QRZ email address to reflect your new email forwarder <>. This way everyone who looks at your QRZ page knows you’re a member of the SFM ARC. We can also provide you a link to our page if you like.

If you would like information on how to access the W6SFM email server to send and receive your emails directly from our server, we can provide you that information at your request.

Remember, Each FIRST Thursday night of the month, the SFM ARC In-person meetings are held at 7 PM. For those out of town we offer a Live Stream broadcast located on our “Live Feed” page found under the “Media, Pics & Clips” link the top of our website.
More information on the location and directions to our in-person meetings can be found at the bottom on our homepage ( We encourage all members to attend these meetings whenever possible.

In addition, Each week, Tuesday evening at 8PM the W6SFM hosts an on-air net meeting using CW. Our operation frequency is 3.545 MHz. We hope to see you there! If for some reason you are unable to hear us on the air or would like to listen to the meeting at another time, simply go to the club website and click on the “Live Feed” menu to listen (and watch) the net live or recorded on the web. Please let us know if you have ANY questions or need help with another Club Related item.

If you would like to donate extra funds to the club you are welcome to but NOT required to do so. Simply use the Donation button found on our Home Page. Thank you again for helping the W6SFM keep CW alive on the bands and thank you once again for joining our club!


W6SFM Club President