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Michael Aretsky, N6MQL Silent Key

Mike Aretsky, N6MQL - SK
Mike Aretsky, N6MQL

We announce with great sorrow the passing of Michael Aretsky, N6MQL, President and Founder of the W6SFM Samuel F Morse ARC at the Morse Ave. Kaiser Permanente Medical Center at 4:15 pm on Friday January 28, 2022 after a month-long struggle with COVID-19. He was a passionate Elmer, teacher of Morse Code, and a Deacon at Carmichael Presbyterian Church. We are thankful for the blessed years of love and joy that he brought to his wife Lynette, his two daughters and to many others.  Please visit https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/michaelaretsky for further information.

A memorial service for Michael Aretsky, N6MQL, was held on Saturday, March 12th, at 3 PM PST at Carmichael Presbyterian Church – 5645 Marconi Ave., Carmichael, CA 95608.  Mike’s ashes were interred at Carmichael Presbyterian Church on the same day with the family in attendance. The memorial service video is posted on the Carmichael Presbyterian YouTube page.


In the above picture you can see a few of the keys here in the shack. Most of these keys have been rebuilt and/or restored by myself and are used on a regular basis I don’t believe in buying keys, or restoring them just so they can sit on a shelf and look pretty. (Below, I list them)

If you hear me or heard me on the air, and for some reason I can’t hear you, please be sure to send me an email, or a QSL card via the bureau. I would love to know who is listening!

To work me on-the-air later, please look below at my “CommCat LIVE” page. This will show you when, and what Freq. I am currently on. (Be sure to scroll down within the frame below)

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”02285f985ebd22fca3ae0eea3e6c5b6ee727df99″ src=”https://www.myqsx.net/n6mql”]

Here’s what can be seen in the picture at the top of the page, others are shown on close up in the “About N6MQL” Tab above

Upper Rear Area (Top of Rig, left to right)

1914 Vibroplex Blue Racer Bug(with Blue base and rare Fancy posts)
1920 Vibroplex Blue Racer Bug (Black base)
1959 Vibroplex Blue Racer Deluxe Bug1920 Vibroplex Wire Chief Vertical Bug (behind Racers)
1921 Vibroplex Wire Chief Vertical Bug (behind Racers)
1913 Vibroplex Double Lever Bug (with albright logo still showing!) Center
1950’s Dow B7 Roto bug
1905 Mecograph #3 right angle bug (behind Dow key)
1800’s Ericsson Swedish pump key
2003 Pettersson SRS Swedish pump key
1906 Mecograph #4 right angle bug (Behind Ericsson key)
1942 Brunell Flameproof Key
1914 Boulter Vertical Bug made from patent drawing US1109818 (G3YUH)
1981 Radio Shack J38 Key (Mounted on aircraft aluminum from the Lockheed skunk works machine shop. Seen to far right side, slightly lower)
1942 Type J36 Signal Corps U.S. Arm Bug1940 J45 Leg Key for bomber plane

Bottom Row Rear: Starting left to right:

1905 W.O Cofee Bug by Mecograph – replica by Phil Boyle (This bug is thought to be the first bug in existence)
2005 GHD GD107WS Optical contact bug
2010 Begali Sculpture Iambic Paddle
1917 Vibroplex Model-X (single contact bug!)
2010 Begali Intrepid Magnetic Bug
1937 Speed-X 501 Bug
1980 Vibroplex Original Deluxe Bug
2010 GHD 502MIL Key2016 Begali Sculpture Arrow Straight key
1950’s Amplidan 50713 Navy Straight key
2010 SKCC Pro-Pump Key
1940 McElroy Model 600 Deluxe bug
1925 Vibroplex Lightning Bug
1960’s High Mound BK100 Bug (AKA Coffin Key)

Bottom Row Front section: Starting from left to right:

1881 JH Bunnell 1495B Western Electric mini test key (#4) (in front of Sculpture paddle)
1914 Mechograph Premier bug (in front of Model X)
1921 National Transmitter Vertical Bug (in front of Speed-X 501)
1920’s Bunnell Gold Bug (in front of 1980 original)1920 National Transmitter Vertical Bug (in front of Arrow)
1940’s Electric Specialty Mfg.Co “Cedar Rapids” Bug (in front of McElroy 600)
1914 Vibroplex Premier replica (produced after Mecograph sold to Vibroplex) by G3YUH (2014) (Only 1 original known to exist in the world) (seen in front of Coffin key)

I am a member of the following clubs:
SKCC # 5051
NAQCC # 6420
Vibroplex Collectors Association# 105
Zombie # 1038
IBPC (International Brass Pounding Club) #5
BUG Member #25

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