N6UOE Chuck

Club member and active participant of the SFM ARC, Chuck Berger N6UOE, died September 25, 2018.  Chuck was 79 years young.

Chuck received his Bachelor’s degree from Penn State before earning a PhD in 1968. Although most members know Chuck as just one of the guys, and a good CW op, Chuck was actually best known throughout the University communication discipline for Uncertainty Reduction Theory, which he developed with Richard Calabrese initially in 1975.

Chuck was also well-known for his roles as Editor of Human Communication Research, Communication Research, and Co-Editor in 1987 (with Steven H. Chaffee) of the Handbook of Communication Science, and again in 2009 (with Michael E. Roloff and David R. Ewoldsen).

Chuck retired as Professor Emeritus from the University of California, Davis, where he lived and had been Professor and Department Chairperson.

Chuck regularly attended the SFM ARC in-person meetings and almost never missed the club’s Field Day event. As matter of fact, Chuck can be seen in the 2017 Field Day video with his grandson introducing him to Ham Radio while setting up our vertical antenna at the event. Chuck will be missed by all of the members of the W6SFM. Prayers go out to his family and friends.