News and Events

Winter Field Day

Member Mike, K6LQ enjoyed a chilly but exciting Winter Field Day at his Dutch Flats Cabin.





Mike’s location is situated at an elevation of 3,400 ft. altitude.  Mike operated a Class 1I indoor remote station under the section SV  (Sacramento Valley). 

Working as a single exclusive CW operator station, Mike was able to make 58 contest contacts scoring a total of 2196 points. Mike’s station consisted of an 80/40/20 meter multi-band Butternut vertical antenna with raised radials, and a 100 watt Icom 7300 rig. Congratulations to Mike on a job well done.


Ham Swap Meet begins 2019

It is once again time for the Sierra Foothill Amateur Radio Club Hamfest 2019. From 7 AM until 12 Noon, Saturday, March 16th the SFARC will host the first swap of the year, rain or shine!. SFARC’s 5th year hamfest is a place to meet and greet everyone, visit the ARRL booth, buy drawing tickets for hourly drawings and win their Big Prize!

Hot coffee and donuts are always available to purchase along with a lunch deal at Taylor’s. Parking is free and there is a Talk-In freq. of 145.430 PL 162.2. Be sure to make it out to see all the deals available to our Ham Radio community. We’ll see you all at the Historic Loomis Train Depot Plaza located at 5775 Horseshoe Bar Rd. Downtown Loomis, CA.

Congratulations to Member KP4MD

SFM ARC member Carol, KP4MD was awarded by the ARRL her IARU HF Championship Contests.

  • 2017 IARU HF Championship CW QRP category.
    Zone 11 Record Winner. 1st Place Puerto Rico and North America.
  • 2018 IARU HF Championship CW LP category.
    1st Place Puerto Rico, 3rd Place Zone 11 and North America

Congratulations to Carol for her success in these events!



The Club Needs Your Help With Presentations

As those many of you who attend our regular in-person meetings held each first Thursday of the month know, the club has some type of presenter/ presentation each month. Months where there is an inordinate amount of club business to discuss presentations are not made available. At the beginning of each year the club is asked to suggest ideas that they would like to see presented or discussed at the in-person meeting. Last year the club enjoyed presentations such as:

  • WSPR Program and operations
  • RigExpert Antenna Analyzer overview
  • Antenna and Grounding Safety
  • SMD Soldering and Hot air rework station use
  • How to read the solar report and solar indices
  • DSP Noise Reduction on an SDR Radio
  • Horizontal Antenna Design
  • Vertical Antenna Design
  • VEC / VE What is needed and How to become involved
  • Phased Verticals Construction and Installation.
  • KX2/KX3 operations
  • Magloop antenna design
  • Field Day prep
  • Bogus Story recap and award modifications
  • RigExpert AA-55 Zoom features and operations.

2019 will bring us a whole new list of educational and entertaining presentations. On the list we have the following being considered:

  • Buddipole setup and Configurations.

The club is still looking for input from its members on what other ideas YOU may have. If there is something that you would like to hear or see presented at the meeting the club kindly asks that you email us to give us your input. Those out of town are also welcome to suggest presentation material as well. All presentations that are given in-person are also then presented to the editor of the W6SFM newsletter for publication each month. This way our out of town members will be able to enjoy what the other members saw or heard at the in-person meetings. So, should you think of something, please be sure to submit your suggestions for an opportunity to have them presented. Recaps can also be viewed on the Videos page too.