W6GMU Paul

Hi! I go by my middle name: Paul. I was first licensed in 1962 as WN2GMU and have been WB2GMU until May of 2006 when I finally decided to “go native” and obtained the call W6GMU (It’s GOOD to be in the “Extra” class).

Originally from Long Island, NY, I moved to 6-land in 1987 and have been enjoying this snow-free QTH ever since. While here, I had a hiatus from Amateur Radio for about 15 years, but, luckily, got back into it in 2005 and My! how things had changed! I now enjoy BPSK31/OLIVIA, CW, rag chewing and CW contests, especially Field Day with both the Orange County ARC and Dutch contest club PI4WNO (PI4W) in Woerden + contesting, etc with Dutch club PA6Z in Zutphen. PA6Z is, sadly, now defunct after they lost their contest QTH. However, some of the members have now formed a new “club” with the call PA6K, and will no doubt distinguish themselves in the near future as they carve out a new and glorious niche in the annals of Amateur Radio! Such is the nature of the Dutch Ham spirit.

I also enjoy DXing when possible and attend the DX Convention in Visalia, CA every year. My rigs include the Elecraft K3/P3, IC-7600, Flex 5000A, IC-756PROIII, IC-756, FT-897D, FT-817ND, IC-7000, SDR-1000, FT-101ZD Mark 3 and KWM-2A; Linears: ETO 87A, 30L-1, ALS-500M and SB-220. Antennas are an MP-1 Superantenna vertical, a G5RV and a Comet CHA-250Bx vertical (this works GREAT!)

I’m a member of the ARRL, an officer (2011 & 2012 President) of the Orange County Amateur Radio Club (World’s best radio club IMHO), member of the Southern California Contest Club, member of the Southern California DX Club (a truly Fantastic group) and the Western Amateur Radio Association…Guardian of the W6ME Repeater (a FINE group of people!).

Recently, I experienced the JOY of becoming fully retired and discover daily yet another thing I can now do that I couldn’t when I was working. Life IS, in fact, GOOD! I must give special thanks to Larry, K6YUI who has been, and still is, a huge help to me in all aspects of the hobby, truly an “Elmer Extraordinaire” and a great friend!! Hope to see you on the Bands!

I will QSL via eQSL plus Bureau plus direct.  73 and Good DX!!!

Former call signs were:
CN8 hanger-on.

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